RECORD OF THE YEAR (2017): Woody Shaw: Madera Latino (Latin Wood) (Jazz Journalists Association)

RECORD OF THE YEAR (2017): Woody Shaw: Madera Latino (Latin Wood) (Jazz Journalists Association)

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by Woody Shaw III

Check out the Woody Shaw Documentary.

I am pleased to announce that Brian Lynch's Latin Jazz Woody Shaw Tribute project MADERA LATINO ('LATIN WOOD') has won the 2017 Jazz Journalists Award for RECORD OF THE YEAR.

Congratulations to Brian and the entire cast of personnel who showed their love and admiration for Woody on what turned out to be an impressive feat of heartfelt musical craftsmanship and camaraderie. As it turns out, the timing of this could hardly be more auspicious or appropriate. 

You see, today marks exactly one week from the 28th anniversary of Woody Shaw's passing (May 10, 1989). This time of year is always very powerful and somehow or another the force of Woody's music, his legacy, and the intense sense of purpose and vigor that he left behind, always seem to make themselves known through mysterious ways.

In fact, as the ever-pleasantly unpredictable rhythm of life would have it, one such mystery just occurred when after updating information on my forthcoming Woody Shaw Documentary Project (Woody Shaw: Beyond All Limits), I received an email from one of Woody's closest friends and musical collaborators from Newark, New Jersey — composer-arranger Marty Shellar. Not long before I received Marty's congratulatory email, I had just sent out a newsletter to the Woody Shaw mailing list about how supporters of the new Woody Shaw documentary project can become Founding Members of The Woody Shaw Institute.

After all, these things do happen, particularly in the absence of pretense — where true feeling for the memory of common ties and the authenticity of human emotion are kept alive through meaningful connection.

I am glad to know that MADERA LATINO has gotten its just due — but even more importantly, that perhaps now there may be a bit more respect and attention paid to the lasting contributions of the man himself — the man behind the ten or so original compositions documented lovingly on these important recordings.

But What About That Documentary...

If you haven't already, checkout the documentary trailer below. To become a Founding Member of The Woody Shaw Institute go to To learn more about the documentary, visit

As you can imagine, there is much more to come.



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