The Woody Shaw Institute and Documentary Founders Group

The Woody Shaw Institute and Documentary Founders Group

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by Shweta Admin

Dear Family and Friends,

I would like to invite you to join me in the production of a groundbreaking project — that is, the forthcoming WOODY SHAW DOCUMENTARY. This project began in 2012 and currently needs your support to ensure its final completion. 

The Woody Shaw Documentary is at a critical stage where certain tasks must now be completed as quickly as possible (such as key interviews with renowned musicians, close family, and friends who are either elderly or ill) — in order to make sure that Woody Shaw's story is thoroughly and properly told.

As I'm sure you would agree, it is imperative that the missing biographical, cultural, and musical pieces of the puzzle of jazz history continue to be documented. And I'm sure you would also agree that Woody Shaw's musical legacy and life story are two very important pieces of that puzzle.

Some of you reading this will already know that I have invested well over a decade into preserving my father's legacy. The total trajectory of my educational background, my career, and my artistic pursuits at large have been devoted to ensuring that Woody Shaw's legacy is preserved and upheld (FYI: here's is my bio). And now it is time that I humbly ask for your support.

But before I ask you to join me in this venture, please have a quick review of the guiding sentiments that this work is being founded on. Before enlisting your support, you should be sure that you agree with these views:

1. Woody Shaw is one of the great, modern musical innovators of the 20th century, not only of jazz, but of the trumpet and of contemporary music, irrespective of style or genre. 

2. The music of Woody Shaw, and of his closest contemporaries, must be more widely known, heard, appreciated, and documented. 

3. The next generation deserves to hear Woody Shaw's music, to have access to it, to be able to study it, to understand the history behind it, and to be empowered by it.

4. Woody Shaw's music, his innovative approach to improvisation, performance, trumpet playing, composing, teaching, and way of thinking as an artist and educator offer much to the world in the way of integrity, meaning, intelligence, and beauty, and these are qualities that are lacking and greatly needed today.

5. You are adamant about ensuring that the legacies of our greatest musical thinkers and contributors are properly preserved and that the human story, sacrifices, struggles, and innovations of this music - and of those who created it - continue to be valued, respected, recognized and appreciated worldwide.

6. You are eager to ensure the completion of the WOODY SHAW DOCUMENTARY and the founding of THE WOODY SHAW INSTITUTE — by all means necessary and beyond all limits.


 If you share the above diehard sentiments, then please sign up below and you will be included into THE WOODY SHAW INSTITUTE & DOCUMENTARY FOUNDERS GROUP. 

Shortly after you sign up, you will be contacted directly by Woody Shaw III with more information about how to get involved and how you can support this important work. You will also receive access to unreleased Woody Shaw recordings, current "rough cut" documentary footage, and other unreleased material available only to this group.

By helping to support the WOODY SHAW DOCUMENTARY, you will also be helping to ensure the completion of other important and related projects that are currently in development — including the WOODY SHAW BIOGRAPHY, WOODY SHAW METHOD, and the founding of THE WOODY SHAW INSTITUTE OF GLOBAL ARTS.

Finally, signing up below tells me that you are serious and that I can count on you to help me make sure this work gets done.

Words cannot express how much your support means to me and to the legacy of my father. I am 100% certain that we will make this happen - especially with your invaluable love and support. 



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