Executive Associate Producer - Film Credit & Founding Membership - Pledge 9

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  • Co-Producer film credit for Woody Shaw: Beyond All Limits (IMDB, film credit, and website placement)

  • Founding Membership with The Woody Shaw Institute of Global Arts
  • 20 Complete Woody Shaw Live Concerts - Full Performances (1976-1983) (Unreleased) (High Definition FLAC Digital Audio Files) (Instant download delivery following checkout) (Exclusive!)

  • Extended Film Trailer (Bonus "Rough Cut" Footage) (13 minutes) (instant streaming access following checkout) (Exclusive!)

  • Pre-Release Online Screening of Woody Shaw: Beyond All Limits (30-Day Rental License) (late 2017 — early 2018)

  • 1 High Resolution 18"x18" Woody Shaw Photo Print 

  • Beyond All Limits T-Shirt (Exclusive!) of Woody Shaw's Columbia album session Rosewood 

  • Woody Shaw: The Tour CD (High Note Records) (Volumes 1 & 2) (Vol.2 to be released Summer 2017)

  • Woody Shaw / International Trumpet Guild CD

***Please allow 4-6 weeks for all physical (non-digital) items.

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