Woody Shaw Signature Trumpet Mouthpiece (Legends Series™)

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Silver Plated
15.75MM, .620"
Rim Contour - Semi Flat
Rim Thickness - Medium Wide
Cup Depth - 'Med Deep' Bowl
Bore - #26, (.147", 3.73MM)

To test out the mouthpiece before buying, contact RS Berkeley.

Phone: 1.800.974.3909
Email: info@rsberkeley.com

This is a one of a kind replica of an original Woody Shaw mouthpiece. State of the art craftsmanship. Engraved with Woody's signature.

The piece is a replica of a mouthpiece that Woody acquired while on tour in the Czech Republic in the 1970s or 80s. It was used along with his legendary Yama trumpet of 1980s fame. Possesses a uniquely small opening that places an added demand on the trumpeter, which complements Woody Shaw's philosophy of pushing oneself Beyond All Limits — and thus not allowing the instrument to ever become a hindrance to one's creativity and musical expression. Indeed, he certainly made it work!

Only available at WOODYSHAW.COM.