Woody Shaw & Louis Hayes: 'The Tour' Vol. 1 (Audio CD) (High Note)

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Release Date: June 17, 2016
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Personnel: Woody Shaw, trumpet; Junior Cook, tenor sax; Ronnie Matthews, piano; Stafford James, bass; Louis Hayes, drums.

Volume 1 
Recorded Live in Europe. 1976.
High Note Records
Produced by Woody Shaw III


1. The Moontrane
2. Obsequious
3. Book's Bossa
4. Ichi-Ban
5. Sun Bath
6. Invitation

“By no means is jazz dead—that’s essentially why Louis Hayes and I formed this band. We really enjoy playing.” So wrote Woody Shaw, presumably around the time of this historic concert from their 1976 European tour, in response to the then much-heralded death of jazz. It was people like Shaw, Hayes and others who proved that it was only our out-dated preconceptions of what jazz was which were dead and that, thanks to brave musicians like these, jazz itself remained alive and well.