Woody Shaw: Woody III (1979) - LP

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Woody III is Woody Shaw's third Columbia album and is appropriately named for his newborn son at the time, Woody Louis Armstrong Shaw III. The album is dedicated to the continuum of the Shaw family legacy which begins with a piece for Shaw's father, Woody Shaw, Sr., who was a vocalist with the gospel group known as the Diamond Jubilee Singers, a second suite for himself, and a third suite for his son, Woody III (Woody I, II and III, respectively).

In an interview for WRVR in New York City in 1980, Shaw stated the following:

"The first part which is called Woody I: On the New Ark is a tribute to my father. It musically conveys my appreciation of my musical heritage. Woody II: Other Paths is also a tribute to my musical past, but is based more on my actual playing experiences. This part has a very creative edge to it, and I think it shows my constantly moving forward and exploring 'other paths.' The last part, Woody III: New Offerings is dedicated to my son, Woody Louis Armstrong Shaw the Third. It expresses my hope for him and for his children. Musically, it's connected to the other two parts, but it also stands on its own as a complete tune. I want my son to grow up, feeling that he, too, can stand on his own, but always has the support of his family."